How to share with a recipient (and get notified)

Doc tracking is a super helpful way to trigger great and timely followup.

Time it takes: Seconds

What's recipient sharing and doc tracking?

Sales enablement browser extension

When you share content (a doc, ebook, whitepaper, datasheet, link, youtube, whatever), you probably want to answer a couple of questions -- "did the person view the content?" and "when is a good time to follow up?".

Content Camel let's you share quickly from our browser extensions and the web app, so it's a piece of cake to get notified and follow up at just the right time when sharing assets.

From the extension and web app, you'll be able to:

  • Share with a recipient, getting a unique share link copied to your clipboard
  • Get notified over email and browser notification when your recipient views content

Share with someone

From the extension or app:

  1. Find the content you want to share.
  2. Share and tag with an email, name, or other identifier.
  3. We'll copy the unique link to your clipboard -- you're ready to share!

Links look like:

and will use your branded domain if you have that set up!

Getting notified

Once shared, our systems starts tracking views on your content links. When a recipient views the content at the link, then you'll get a view notification sent to your email:

and we're also working on delivering notifications to your browser via our extension and web app 🙌.

Have questions?

If you have any questions, email our team. We're here to help you out.